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Welcome to The Star Guide's "The Universe for Everyone."

"I can take you on a tour of the Universe through space    and time with a professional grade telescope from the Meade Instruments Corporation.  You will see spectacular and breath-taking images of the planets, the Earth's moon, star clusters, and deep space objects.  Or maybe you would like to look at our day star the Sun to observe its Sun Spots, Solar Flares,  Prominence, and Coronal Mass Ejection through a Meade Coronado Solar telescope.  What ever your interest is, I will arrange a program for you.   You will see all objects in live living color on a Television screen created by a special video camera created by or .org   You no longer need to squint through an eyepiece to see deep space objects which appear black, gray and white.  This special video camera allows amateur and professional astronomers to research all objects while sitting in a chair in an observatory.  But as usual, we do like to start young amateurs to use eyepieces when they begin observing objects and then move up to larger telescopes they can afford.  There is no cost for programs to schools, colleges, universities, museums,the general public, profit and non-profit corporations.

I am a Volunteer Solar System Ambassador appointed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to discuss their outreach program on missions and discoveries in astronomy for the National Aeronautics Space Administration.  During star gazing and solar gazing events, I address JPL/NASA missions and discoveries. In June 2012, I was trained through the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland on "Global Climate Change" to give training and presentations to K-12th grade students, colleges, universities, museums, the public, profit and non-profit corporations.  I am constantly updating and adding programs and classes to my website.  Just send me an email or call 707-815-1856 to arrange an observing date, class or program."

Clear Skies to All . . . Cliff De Lacy, Astronomer/Educator    

  • A retired credentialed teacher providing free service to educate students of all ages in astronomy, space exploration and related scientific fields for JPL/NASA.
  • Free marketing and promotion of astronomy products, related science equipment for businesses.
  • Appointed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a Volunteer Solar System Ambassador to promote the JPL/NASA Outreach Program on Space Exploration and Discoveries in Astronomy.
  • Appointed by the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland as an Earth Ambassador to present Climate Change and Solar Storms.
  • Adviser for the Meade Instrument Corporation to promote the 4M Community Outreach Program
  • Technical Writer for promoting astronomy equipment in Science an Astronomy Magazines.
  • Star Gazing events addressing the night sky and discoveries by JPL/NASA.
  • Solar Gazing Events to discuss missions and discoveries for NASA about our Day Star, the Sun, including Solar Storms.
  • Classes for students and teachers to be announced at local community colleges, universities and museums.
  • Lessons on how to setup and use a telescope.
  • Fluorescent Minerals - learn about fluorescent minerals and see "The DeLacy Collection" in brilliant colors under short wave ultra-violet light.

Information on scheduling and upcoming events, contact The Star Guide at or call 707-815-1856..  Several of the images shown on the website were photographed by Robert Gendler.  The link to his website is noted below:



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